Community and Mission

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous

The First Presbyterian Church of Ontario Center, NY invites you to walk with us on the path that leads to the center of God's love. On this path, we hope you will find connections to deepen your experience of God.

We hope you will come to know Jesus, in a personal relationship that brings companionship, healing, and salvation.

We hope you will catch the Spirit that is a breath of fresh air for a tired old world.

For information about building community support for caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer's/dementia call (585) 287-6430.  This effort is promoted by LifeSpan and theAlzheimer's Association.

The Garden Project

In 2017, the potatoes were  planted and harvested!  The potatoes were used for our Shared Table community free dinners. 

In 2016, we planted potatoes and summer squash.  We harvested potatoes again but the hungry woodchuck enjoyed the squash.

In 2015, we tilled ground for a potato garden.  We planted 92 pounds of potatoes and harvested 350 pounds!  Thanks to the Spud Team, we had 100 pounds for the October ham dinner, a large donation for the Ontario Food Pantry, some for the Penfield Food Pantry, and enough left for a Potato Bash in November. Thanks to our neighbor Tom for his help! 

Planting in action!